September 2018

The fall 2018 issue of The First Line is available. Pick up a copy here. (Sep. 10, '18)

Hour 49 of Overtime is now available. Click the Store link to buy a copy of "Eikaiwa Bums" by Ian Rogers. (Aug. 22, '18)

The new issue of Workers Write! Tales from the Cafe is available. Pick up a copy here.
(May 10, '18)

Episode 49 of TFL on Tape: Robin reads Amy Griswold's story, "Living History." (Jan 24, '18)

The 2018 first lines have been released. Check them out here. (Nov 2, '17)

And the 2018 last line has been released. Check it out here. (Nov 2, '17)

The First Line was featured on All Things Considered Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. Give a listen here. (Aug 15, '17)

The First Line is available on the Kindle. Click here to order your subscription.


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