Further Tales from the Cubicle

ISSN: 1556-715X
ISBN: 978-1-938583-58-2

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Workers Write! Further Tales from the Cubicle is our 20th issue and contains stories and poems from the office park.
Some Surreptitious Sonnet by Jane Blanchard
Some Sort of Blue by Justin Wu
Mug Shots by Dan Brotzel
Strange Deskfellows by Reed Kuehn
New Guy by Scott Craven
Step Aside, Merlin by Diane Barker
Cog by Tom Green
The Mad De-Fuser Struck Again by Chris Sumberg
The Affair in the Office by Paul Hostovsky
The Second Day Of The Rest of My Life by Dick Brown
Office Chairs in the Shape of the Death Star by Marc Janssen
Visiting the Barbara Roberts Building in the Time of Covid by Marc Janssen
The Office, in the Spring of 2020 by Maria Prieto
Hollywood Squares in the Sand by Hart Christopher Vetter
Black & Brown Sonnets I, II, and III by André Le Mont Wilson
They Can't See You Cry On Zoom by Kara Rowan
Working From Home by Matthew Wilson
Resignation by J.W. Wood
Efficiency Leads To Fulfillment by Ida Bettis Fogle
The Intern and the Eagle by David LaBounty

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