Overtime 59:
Gone Fishing

"Lynn was nearly fifty when she decided that she didn't want to fish anymore. She'd never really had the interest. She liked to eat them, but didn't particularly want to catch them, had no desire to watch them be clubbed, quiver, and die, or to gut them or to clean them. But the business she'd folded herself into over the years was full of Tired Old White Guys, and this was what Tired Old White Guys did to reward each other for good business.
They fished."

Pat Detmer is an award-winning humor columnist, copywriter, and speaker who has been published in newspapers, including the Journal American, Seattle Times, and The Whidbey Island Marketplace. She has also appeared in Newsweek and wrote a column for the Newcastle News. She's won or placed in fiction contests, most of them having to do with speed (24-hour from topic assignment to finished piece), brevity (100-word and 200-word flash fiction), or scenarios where the characters are already established and full-blown (three appearances in Star Trek's Strange New Worlds short story anthologies).

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