Overtime 49:
Eikaiwa Bums

"Since the ONIX Corporation requires a steady influx of foreign teachers to fill year-long contracts in its seven hundred eikaiwa schools from Naha to Ashikawa, the company maintains recruiting offices in New York, Chicago, LA, Toronto, and Sydney where twentysomethings like me who can't find jobs after college can get interviews just by being native speakers of English. I'm twenty-three, still living with my parents, and don't have a girlfriend - I very badly need something constructive to do and a place to do it in, and this search has led me to ONIX."

Ian Rogers taught English for two years at an eikaiwa in Japan's Yamanashi prefecture and currently teaches to public school students in Toyama. His other writing about Japanese life and travel has been featured in Eastlit, Seek Japan, Stone Bridge Press Online, and elsewhere. He blogs about the difficulties faced by creative people with day jobs at butialsohaveadayjob.com.

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