Tales from the
Construction Site

ISSN: 1556-715X
ISBN: 978-1-938583-16-2

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Workers Write! Tales from the Construction Site contains stories and poems from workers in the construction industry.
Blueprints by Tim Applegate
Nonno's Gift by Edward McDermott
The Connector by Edward J. Scannell
Grunt Work by Z. S. Roe
Connecting by Edward J. Scannell
Rust by JD DeHart
The Brooklyn Bridge and Kinney O'Neill
by Robert Karr
Accident at Work by Adam Hoss
the esoteric syncopation of daily tasks
by Kaz Sussman
Raw Materials by Doc Pruyne
An Estimate by Joe Cottonwood
About Labor by Joe Cottonwood
Ode to a Leather Tool Belt by Joe Cottonwood
Pallet Manufacturing by James M. Dourgarian
Plan C by Dave Mulis
The Stone-Breakers' Song by Sunil Sharma
Ocean View by Jim Beane
The Piano Player by Tim Applegate
Marty and Jack by J. Lee Strickland
The Door Man by Lisa Vogel

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