Tales from the Changeover

ISSN: 1556-715X
ISBN: 978-1-938583-34-6

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Workers Write! Tales from the Changeover contains stories and poems from the end of work.

As I Left The Office For The Last Time by Frank William Finney
Day 2525 by Tom Green
Epiphany by Jean Rover
Little Did I Know by Tom McNish
Longing by Rebecca Benison
Palio by Liam Hogan
Let Go With Severance by Jordan Krais
Evaluations by Dick Brown
R.I.F. by Cepa Onion
Swansong, by Devon Balwit
Retired Outfit by Gary W. Bloom
Nothing to Lose by Ryan S. Lowell
The Song of Charlie by Marc Janssen
Recurring by James Thurgood
Pipe Dreams by Noreen Kilbride
The Carpenter by John Peter Beck
The Mountain by J.S. Kierland
A Permanent Vacation by Chip Jett

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