Volume 21, Issue 1
Spring 2019

All submissions begin with one first line from Volume 1, Number 1 to Volume 5, Issue 4.

Orange D
by Derek M. Hoven
by Paul Schiess
The Grand Finale
by John Mueter
Never Again, Sam
by Kim Perrone
Exit, Stage Left
by David LaBounty
A Man's Search for Meaning
by Thomas Mullen
Bright White Belief
by K. A. Boyd
by Joe Horne
A Nod to the End
by Kelsey Williams
by Lisa Firke
Seven Bridges
by Joseph Redding
Revelations of an Insomniac
by Kristine Richardson
by Deborah Mercer
Worlds Apart
by Melissa Mead
Regina v Weird Sisters
by Linda Tyler
Your Name, Please
by Simon Wood
Television Trials
by Jeff Adams
Old Friends
by Angela Hawn
Open Mic Night at Beethoven's Tenth
by Laila Strickland
The Infinite Days of October 2017
by Stefanie Freele
Numbers and Lives
by Michael Ferrari
The First Line of The Brothers Karamazov
by Jim Curtis
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Meg Basom

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